Earn recurring income by
spreading the magic.

The Reword ambassador program gives you a 30% lifetime commission on subscriptions that you bring in.

Generate predictable revenue with a product that sells itself.


Your own dashboard to manage your campaigns.

Keep track of your traffic and conversions in one place, so that you have the information you need to grow.


Collect commissions that never stop paying.

Earn a 30% commission for the lifetime of any subscriptions that you bring in.

Reword is like a second brain that helps me think of what content our users will actually want to know about. This is something that other tools have not been able to do for me.

Frances Chan

Content Manager, Prosple.com

It takes 3 steps to build your own AI revenue stream.

1. Start promoting Reword and signing up free trials.

Using your own branded affiliate links, you can track how your audience engages with your links and converts.

2. We put the work in to convert your free trials.

We handle the process of onboarding and converting your trials to paying subscriptions.

3. You get a 30% commission for the subscriptions life.

Whenever a customer payment is made, 30% gets taken and sent straight to your bank account.

How much can you earn?

See how quickly you can grow a new income stream with Reword.

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We're here to help you grow your income with Reword.


Access all of resources you need to go for growth.

Our media kit includes brand materials, guidelines, display ads, landing pages and a library of educational videos.


Looking for a closer relationship? Let's talk.

We're always looking to partner with influencers and marketers who know how to reach our target market.

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Reword Ambassador

The Reword ambassador program earns you a 30% recurring commission on subscriptions that you bring in.

Frequently asked Questions

How do I become a Reword ambassador?

It's quick and free to sign up as a Reword ambassador using the form here.

How do I receive my payouts?

On the 15th of every month, your outstanding commissions will be automatically sent to your designated bank account or PayPal address.

There are no minimum requirements for payouts.

Is there a way to increase my commission rate?

We don't currently offer more than 30% for our ambassador program.

However, if you are an influencer who is interested in a closer partnership, please reach out to olya@reword.com

How do I generate commissions?

Whenever a customer that you bring in makes a payment, you immediately receive a 30% commission.

On the 15th day of every month, we payout your due commissions to your designated bank account or PayPal.

How do the affiliate links work?

Affiliate links are a small tag that gets added to the Reword URL. For example, https://reword.com?aff=myname.

The tag lets us know who's responsible for bringing in the traffic, so that we can track conversions for you.

How do I get support as a Reword ambassador?

Our ambassador program has a dedicated support contact that can be reached at olya@reword.com